27 Year old Father Films Himself Abusing His 8 Month-Old Daughter Before Selling Pictures to Australian Websites


By anonews

Does a culture of pedophilia thrive in Australia, or the UK? Criminals from other regions of the world apparently even look to countries like Australia as a sort of market for their sick products.

Recently, a man from Ukraine was busted for allegedly rapin*g his eight month old daughter, only to take photos of the acts and sell them to Australian, criminal child por*n websites.

The 27 year old predator is from the Northern Ukraine town of Berdychiv, in the Zhytomyr Oblast region. He thought he was immune to consequence, but fate said otherwise. He thought he was incapable of being identified for the fact that he was dealing to websites based in Australia. He used his smartphone to photograph himself sexuall*y assaulting his infant daughter.

In a “dramatic,” early morning surprise raid at his home, his family was awoken while he was dragged out. Police released photos of his arrest with faces blurred out.

According to the Daily Mail:

“One of the pictures shows the suspect dressed only in his underwear. Another one shows a woman and a child.

Vitaly Chubaevsky, deputy chief of the Ukrainian national cyber police department, said: ‘The man was rapin*g his child when the mother was away or was working in the garden.’”

Police have arrested a man (centre) who they allege ra*ped his eight-month-old daughter and took pictures which he sold on Australian por*n websites – DM

The mother apparently had no idea what was going on and had to learn about the abuse of her daughter from the police in the worst way possible. Now she’s the most critical witness in the legal case against him, mortified at what had happened to her daughter.

The 27 year old man is a former soldier who was injured in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, unable to work properly. This was cited by the mainstream media, but it makes him zero percent more innocent, absolutely no less guilty or to be held accountable for this disgusting assault on a defenseless infant.

A police spokesperson said bluntly “The man’s smartphone is full of evidence. We found it hidden in the baby’s room among her toys.”

He was arrested in an early morning raid at his home while his family were still sleeping, and pictures of his arrest were then released online by police – DM

Australian cyber police took notice of the criminal, and the images circulated on Australian and Russian websites. The Australian and Russian authorities communicated, and for once something actually good came out of the work of authorities, not that they are the people to trust with a problem like this.

The media seems to report on every small level story like this and get a lot of people fired up, and for good reason. They should report on the most powerful sexua*l criminals in the world more often too.

The mother only learned about what was happening with her daughter from the police and has became the most important witness in the case after she was horrified at what her husband had done, reports said – DM

People should never stop reacting with disgust and even defensive force against pedophiles and predators, because what else is stopping pedophilia or crimes against children at bay?

In Australia and the UK, some people believe pedophiles are protected and some even believe an agenda is afoot to normalize pedophilia within academia. Several “prominent” academics, people who have influenced Australian public school programs that involve se*x education in fact, have argued in favor of pedophilia, an absolutely horrendous truth that some Australians know about the “Safe Schools program,” for example.

According to Unsafe Schools:

“In October 2010 La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Se*x, Health and Society (ARCSHS) launched an Australian “Safe Schools” program.

The longtime Deputy Director of ARCSHS is Prof. Gary Dowsett, and he has been Acting Director on two occasions, for a significant period of time. The first was in 2000, from January to August; and the second was in 2010, from July to December. Hence, the “Safe Schools” program (launched in October 2010) was launched during a period when Dowsett was Acting Director. [Source: ARCSHS Annual Report 2010]

In 1982, he authored an article for the journal ‘Gay Information‘ [issue no. 11, pp. 34-38], which was published by a Sydney-based organisation called ‘Gay Information Service’. The article was titled ‘Boiled Lollies and Bandaids: Gay Men and Kids‘ (click here to view the original). Here are some excerpts:

“First, we have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of paedophiles and their young loves; and finally, the sexua*l rights of children as a whole.”

“And I also have a friend, a paedophile, who is working very hard on making sense out of his relations with boys. Those relations consist of, among other things, a large amount of nurture and support for these boys, a real caring for their welfare and growth.”””

So a wise question to ask would be, is someone pushing an agenda to normalize pedophilia? Thankfully such an agenda would be going against the grain of the common sense and morality of almost all common people, everywhere.

How could such a thing ever be normalized?

(Image credit: Daily Mail)


  1. Pig & Pigs I’m a 51 year old Australian Woman who was sexually abused in a Public School back in 1978. So were many other children. It was because I spoke up and reported him, we found out he was doing it to many many other children. I’m the last 2 years Australia been holding a Royal Commission into childhood sexual abuse in schools both pvt public and foster care – I spoke up again.
    I decided to sue “my lawyers were pro bono and after re traumatising me for 2 years dropped my case because “I” not them or the Police wouldn’t or couldn’t face finding the other children without having a breakdown. I’m extremely suspicious about why after 2 years my case was dropped. And no one was able to find the records or other children besides my little sister that it happened to. I KNOW THERE WERE MANY MANY MANY MORE STUDENTS SO WHY HAVE WE ALL BEEN SHUT UP.

    The media seem to only report on “catholic schools” not affluent suburb public schools.

    I wish I wish to god I had the courage to send a letter to every child whoever went to ROSE BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL FROM 75-78 ( it may be longer but they are the only years I knew the school handyman was there.

    Even the senior sergeant of the sex crimes unit assigned to the royal commission even tried to talk me out of looking for the man who assaulted me in primary school & encourage me instead to charge a man who raped when I was 33.

    But I was raped 3 times as an adult and never reported it because ( I sincerely believe when I was that child at school – they simply transferred the offender,didn’t counsel me and never reported all the sexual assaults to Police so I grew believing “ I didn’t matter” and why bother reporting it!

  2. Besides I didn’t want to charge the filthy prob dead by now pig that did it – I WANTED COMPENSATION FROM NSW DEPT OF EDUCATION FOR NO DUTY OF CARE TOWARDS MY FUTURE, MY BELIEF IN MYSELF.
    I could go on – but this story is traumatising to me. I can’t keep talking about it. But I damn well should have been paid compensation


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