3D Model Predicts Devastating Impact Of Hurricane Florence


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According to a very recent article from the Washington Post:

“At 5 a.m. the center said it was about to make landfall along the coast of North Carolina, near Wilmington and Morehead City. Reports of collapsed roofs and other structures were already reported in the Morehead City and New Bern areas of North Carolina. New Bern was particularly hard hit with reports of more than a hundred people stranded in the homes in need of rescue.

The large and dangerous storm is expected to lash parts of North and South Carolina on Friday. Follow Hurricane Florence’s projected path here.”

(Image credit: Weather Channel/Lad Bible)

Every time a natural disaster happens now, it’s a clickbait media-fest and people who are conditioned to find entertainment in tragedy they feel detached from, kind of eagerly anticipate seeing some things get destroyed if they honestly think about it.

For residents of the hot, humid Carolinas who could at least suffer from power outages during this time, there’s nothing entertaining about this.

Articles that feel oddly detached from the consequences of such a storm read:

“Batten down the hatches, because Hurricane Florence is on its way and it’s ready for destruction. As the Category 2 storm continues on its rampage towards America, it’s predicted to bring up to 13 feet or more of ‘catastrophic flash flooding’ to parts of the Carolina coast. ‘But what will that look like?’ we hear you ask.

Well, you no longer have to wonder, as The Weather Channel has put together a forecast report using graphics that would not look out of place in your modern blockbuster movie, with visuals that will either amaze or terrify you, depending on which corner of the earth you currently reside.”

Drooling over the possible destruction of countless homes and businesses for the entertainment of all who consume mainstream television, the Weather Channel displayed some kind of 3D model of what could potentially happen as a result of the hurricane.

Face it, anyone reading this: the Weather Channel is kind of making entertainment out of the potential destruction by making this animated model. The model is not geared toward a modest, realistic rendering of what the hurricane could bring, it’s this exaggerated, horrible scene of flooding and destruction. It’s like watching a movie, not a realistic weather report. Look, a mainstream article referred to their model as similar to a “blockbuster movie.” Does anybody feel weird reading that?

If you’re going to take their word for it, Beaufort, Morehead City, and Atlantic Beach will probably be most affected by the hurricane, and they claim the water could rise between 6 and 9 feet tall: terrible flooding.

The Weather Channel presenter continued, describing how the intense flooding could submerge buildings and wash away vehicles.

It’s early Friday morning right now, and the Carolina coast is now being hit by hurricane Florence. Stacy Stewart, NHC senior hurricane specialist said:

“You’re going to have damaging winds for a longer period of time.

So instead of maybe 120 mph winds for 30 minutes, you might end up with 90 to 100 mph winds for a couple of hours, or three or four hours. And that will produce a lot of damage as well as prolong the beach erosion.”

An actual man having to deal with the consequences of the storm, from Florence, South Carolina (a city of the same name as the hurricane), a writer in the alternative media named Brandon Turbeville humbly noted“Clouds are rolling in and we’re getting some wind. That’s it so far.”

(Image credit: cnn)

The South Carolina writer also noted that he had observed Wal-Mart stores taking the guns and ammunition off the shelves, and several chain pharmacies (more than likely CVS and Walgreens and similar ones), had closed down, while pharmacies that were locally owned did not all close down.

In reality so far the hurricane isn’t too bad, but it hasn’t fully struck yet either. Hopefully people will keep the South Carolina residents in their thoughts and stay concerned about them, not anticipating how much destruction this hurricane could cause as if it were some spectacle.

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