4,358 CIA Mind Control Documents have Just been Released, Thanks to the Internet


Ever heard of Freedom of Information Act requests? They are citizen demands for documents pertaining to what should be public matters, concerning everyone involving something like usually a government entity.


Sometimes, Freedom of Information Act requests require money, paid to the state to facilitate the unloading of documents. If they can extract money from it, you know they will.

Now, a successful crowdfunding campaign can boast that they have succeeded in raising enough money to pay that FOIA request fee, for if they aren’t too redacted, extremely important documents relating to the MK Ultra program run by the CIA.

The agency of course refused to waive a $425 fee required for the release of MK Ultra linked documents, as the website Black Vault, who publishes government documents, was seeking to obtain them.

So John Greenewald of Black Vault asked for the help of the public to raise the money, and they managed to do it.

Greenewald has been in the practice of filing FOIA requests for two decades, twenty years. In the past he has managed to publish other files on MK Ultra, the notorious CIA program that involved a horrific forms of mental torture on people, doses of LSD that were far too high for experimentation with a few different forms of what amount to sensory torture, and worse.

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It was a government program about mind control and manipulation of the human mind of the worst kind, a true nightmare that proves there is a such thing as a fate worse than death. MK Ultra proved it’s better to fight than ever be kidnapped and at the mercy of other people who may be cruel enough to inflict torture upon another person.

According to the Black Vault release:

“Below, you will find the links to the data on the CD-ROMS as originally received. Originally, the CIA directories contained .tif images of the documents (not my favorite format) and two other files. The .txt file is a poor excuse for a OCR (optical character recognition) of the document, and a .dat file which contains a one line description, as found in the index below.

This has been an extremely popular dataset since I first added it, and in March of 2017 — expanded the original CIA release with a newer, updated, searchable PDF format consisting of their original .TIF file releases.

 MKULTRA CIA Document Index [85 Pages, 6.2MB] – Start here! This will list documents archived on the CD-ROMs below. You can just start browsing the CD’s below by clicking on one and browsing around. I also included a .ZIP file of the CD-ROM as they were obtained from the CIA.”

Of course, it is claimed that the “MK Ultra” program has been shut down, and certainly the program by that name has been. However, the “MK Ultra-type” research into trauma based mind control has probably not stopped. More than likely, it continues to be refined by very wealthy, very evil people who regularly inflict trauma upon people to control them. This is a theory you might say, but a lot of evidence points to this being a reality.

In fact if you want to take it to another level of strangeness, some people believe celebrities and even certain famous television news broadcasters have been subject to some kind of trauma based mind control, I guess to place them in a split-personality-disorder type schism in their mind that allows one part of them to be as effective as a machine, or capable of doing something they are incapable of doing without having split personalities.

Take a look at this video. This Australian politician froze as if he was under some kind of program, completely unable to respond. He played it off like he was just unwilling to answer the question, but this obviously looks like something else.

Research or search on YouTube for people “glitching” or people “freezing,” you’ll see what they are talking about.

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Understanding the secret, horrible actions of an already provably inhumane and horrific CIA is a necessity for anybody who doesn’t want to become a victim. Obviously it’s not all that likely that you as an individual will be plucked out of the crowd and literally experimented upon by the CIA, but what if they do something subtle to everyone at once?

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