Trump just made the DEAL of the century for the U.S.A. – Russia may go bankrupt


The U.S. President Donald Trump has announced that the European Union (EU) has agreed to import more Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from his country after talks with the union’s President on Wednesday at the White House.


Russia is the main EU supplier of natural gas and other energy products. In 2016, 32% of the EU’s total energy came from Russia.

At this month’s NATO meeting in Brussels Trump had lashed out at the EU particularly Germany for importing energy from Russia while hesitating to meet its full financial obligation to the organization.

Announcing the deal to the media in the presence of Jean-Claude Juncker in Washington, Trump said “We agreed to a strengthened and strengthening of our strategic cooperation with respect to energy. The European Union wants to import more liquefied natural gas, LNG, from the United States and they’re going to be a very very big buyer. We’re going to make it much easier for them, but they’re going to be a massive buyer of LNG. We have plenty of it. “

Mr Juncker confirmed the deal saying “The EU will build more terminals to import liquefied natural gas from the U.S. This is also a message for others.”

The EU also agreed to import more soybeans from the U.S. Trump said this is massive boost for farmers in the U.S.

Commentators say this latest deal between the U.S. and the EU would be big blow to the Russian energy market.

Russia is currently building the Nord Stream 2 offshore natural gas pipeline to transport energy directly to Western Europe, bypassing pipeline in Ukraine. Germany is a major EU country backing the project despite the surge in anti-Russia sentiments in the West in the wake of the election of Trump as U.S. President.

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  1. wait a minute. All of the US oil and gas companies are privately owned. How can the President promise something the government does not own?


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