A Drug Called ‘Monkey Dust’ Which Causes People to Eat Faces and Jump from Buildings is Spreading


What happens when people don’t just smoke weed, or if they insist on making harder choices, stick to the basic drugs that are illegal?


Well, sometimes people make the horrifically bad decision to ingest chemicals that are similar to the drugs they desire, but not quite there. This is usually to the total detriment of the user. For example, “spice,” or leaves sprayed with synthetic, totally different psychosis inducing and harmful “cannabinoids” that aren’t really cannabinoids, has known to be a problem in places where weed is harder to find.

In places where people want to get high on terrible amphetamines, yet they can’t safely access clean, obviously still harmful and life destroying pure amphetamines, sometimes people choose to or accidentally consume bath salts.


You remember those videos of people completely losing their minds on bath salts, or “flakka?” Remember someone taking bath salts and eating another human being’s face? Those are horrible, similar chemicals to methamphetamine or amphetamine, and they make people go insane because they cause sleep deprivation for days on end with agonizing psychotic mental processes.

It is being claimed by the mainstream media, cringe filled and out of context, that “monkey dust,” the UK name for bath salts, are becoming an “epidemic” in the UK.

By no stretch of the imagination could that make practical sense, fentanyl and carfentanil in North America are more of an epidemic, what they mean to say is it is a “mild problem,” with particularly scary outcomes for the few unfortunate enough to come across it. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising to learn that meth is becoming more of a problem everywhere on Earth, because thanks to prohibition, it becomes one of the easier hard drugs to get or make.

The mainstream reported on “Monkey Dust,” according to This is Insider:

“The drug, known as “monkey dust,” is sweeping across the northern UK, and is said to make users feel as though they have incredible strength akin to the Hulk, and can make them act dangerously — scaling buildings and jumping from great heights.

It’s the same drug as “bath salts” which have been linked to reports of “face-eating attacks” in the US in recent years. Bath salts used to be readily available to buy in the US in American petrol stations and convenience stores, but were outlawed by Obama in 2012.”

The mainstream knows just how to sound completely street-retarded. Allow this article to inject some street sense.

As the prescription Adderall is amphetamine and crystal meth is methamphetamine, this disturbing, greater sleep depriving and longer lasting, psychosis inducing cousin of it is known as methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV.

The issue with methylenedioxypyrovalerone is that while methamphetamine will keep a person awake for maybe 12 to 24 hours after consuming a dose, this seems to keep people awake for much longer, with more psychotic symptoms and even less euphoria.

A person might consume some bath salts, maybe smoke it thinking it’s meth when the person who sold it to them was lying, and find that for several days they can’t sleep off of just one dose.

After being unable to sleep for days, no longer receiving any of the desired euphoria or anything like that, instead being met with psychotic thoughts and mental instability, people start to lose their minds.

It can be temporary psychosis or it can leave a long lasting imprint on the mind of the person who has to suffer through sleep deprivation induced by bath salts. Sleep deprivation is really the root of the psychotic symptoms.

No one, ever, consumed this sh*t in their right mind. They are either completely ignorant to this, which cannot be many people, or they accidentally find it in their meth.

Quite nonsensical, inaccurate reporting is coming from the mainstream about this. Continuing from This is Insider:

“MDPV looks like a fine white or brownish powder, and usually sells for about £10 to £15 for a gram, which is significantly cheaper than other recreational drugs like MDMA and cocaine. Sky News reports in Stoke-on-Trent it can be bought for as little as £2.”

That’s just inaccurate: nobody could possibly buy bath salts on purpose to consume, unless they were so severely misinformed that it’s a one time, rare occurrence.

So rest easy, people: bath salts can never possibly become an “epidemic,” but when someone has it in their minds that they want to make a bad decision and do hard drugs, it’s best they do what is pure rather than what is even worse than meth.

Either way, “Monkey Dust” is making headlines in the UK.

(Image credit: This is Insider, dea, urbanski)

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