A Shocking Display Campaign in Honor of Mutilated Yellow Vests (PHOTOS)


At least 1,700 protesters have been injured since the start of the Yellow Vest movement. Some lost an eye or a hand, without words of support from the executive. Posters aimed at alerting public opinion appeared in Bordeaux.

Emmanuel Macron bloody mouth, Christophe Castaner and Marlene Schiappa éborgnés, or even Edouard Philippe face red blood: shock posters appeared, glued over billboards, including Bordeaux. The goal? Raise public awareness of the injuries, sometimes heavy, suffered by yellow vests during events that have followed for several weeks in the four corners of France.

If we do not know who launched this shock poster campaign, images of it were photographed by a surfer who covered Act 9 of Vests yellow in Bordeaux , January 12. The visuals quickly became viral on Twitter, where they were widely shared, and in particular taken by the journalist of Libération  Vincent Glad .


Under the falsely mutilated faces of government officials, legends draw parallels with real-life cases of injured protesters, including shots of defensive bullet launchers (LBD40) from the police during various acts of the movement. “Fiorina, mutilated on 08/12/2018 by a flashball shot”, can we read in reference to a 20-year- old student from Picardy  who had lost the use of her left eye during a gathering of yellow vests in Paris.


Other montages bring to the case of David, Yellow Yvelines Vest, hit by a shot of LBD40  during a demonstration in Paris in December.

Torn off limbs, fractured bones, head injuries: at least 82 seriously injured

Since the start of the protest movement on 17 November, 11 people have lost their lives in connection with Yellow Vests, according to figures provided by the Ministry of the Interior . The vast majority of these victims were overthrown near the roundabouts, epicentres of protest protesters, the object of which extended from fuel prices to other demands, such as the organization of a referendum citizens’ initiative (RIC) . One of the dead, Zineb Romdhane, an Algerian octogenarian from Marseille, was hit by a tear gas grenade as she closed her shutters during a demonstration.

Also according to the Place Beauvau, the balance sheet (before the act 9 of the movement) would be in addition to 1,700 wounded among the demonstrators against about a thousand in the police force.

While the images of injuries caused during demonstrations that flood social networks may in some cases be difficult to authenticate, the  journalist of  Liberation  Jacques Pezet for his part counted the number of serious injuries among the demonstrators he was able to identify with certainty : 82. Among the serious injuries, the journalist detained the “torn limbs, the organs having lost their main function, the fractured bones, the feet and legs encrusted with pieces of grenades, the serious burns, but also all wounds opened at the level of the head”.


Figures that do not take into account the other serious wounds enumerated in Act 9 of the Yellow Vests on January 12. These would be at least five, according to journalist David Dufresne , which lists cases of alleged police violence on Twitter since the beginning of the movement.

And for good reason, January 12 was no exception to the rule and was marked by episodes of violence and clashes between police and protesters. In Bordeaux , a yellow Vest was wounded in the head by a shotgun launcher or tear gas grenade launcher. In Paris , three protesters were hit in the head by LBD40 shots. Another example, in Strasbourg, a teenager of about fifteen years was touched in the jaw.

Hello, Beauvau?

As explained by Eric Morvan, the head of the General Directorate of the National Police, on  France Interon January 11, the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) was seized in 78 cases related to police violence at rallies yellow vests. About 200 reports were transmitted, but no members of the police have been suspended.

As for the authorities, starting with the Ministry of the Interior, they were rather inclined to denounce the violence committed against the police, than to bring a word of support to the demonstrators wounded or even mutilated. For example, Christophe Castaner denounced the “as cowardly and uncomfortable” attack  on gendarmes by former boxer Christophe Dettinger in Paris.

On January 12, the first cop from France greeted on Twitter  “the firm and determined action of the police that has helped contain the excesses and violence.”


Originally published on RT France


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