A Vegetarian Restaurant In Bangkok Attempted To Serve Its Customers Meat Of A Murdered Man


Diners at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok were shocked when they supposedly discovered minced meat in their noodles


Asia One reported that the diners then quickly made a report to local authorities, who in turn showed up on the premises of the restaurant for an inspection.

It was soon found that the ‘extra ingredient’ in the meal was actually minced human flesh

When authorities inspected the kitchen, they found blood splattered across the walls and pieces of human flesh strewn all over the floor, according to Asia One.

The owner of the restaurant was also nowhere to be found.

Further inspections revealed a disfigured body stuffed in a septic tank located in the restaurant’s backyard

The victim has been identified as 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom, who was a frequent patron of the restaurant.

Oriental Daily reported that the body was so heavily decomposed that family members could only identify the victim by his tattoo on the left shoulder and arm. The last time they had seen him was on 21 October.

According to the victim’s younger brother, the victim had gone to the restaurant to look for a job and then went out to “yumcha” with the owner of the restaurant. He couldn’t be contacted after that.

Authorities believe that a fight had occurred between the restaurant owner and the victim

An autopsy revealed multiple knife stab wounds and bruises on the victim’s body; five on the shoulder and one on the right thigh.

The owner then attempted to get rid of the evidence by chopping up the victim and serving it to customers, reported Oriental Daily.

When the report was made, the owner fled. He has yet to be found.

Police have yet to determine how many diners may have consumed the minced human meat or the motive for the murder.

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