Alabama Police Department Blames Increasing Crime Rate On Satanists And Atheists


According to an Alabama Police Department, demonic influences are on a rampage. The Department blames spiritually bankrupt atheists who’ve rejected God & devil worshipping Satanists for the spike in violent crimes in their community.


The Associated Press reports:

The Alabama Police Department is being criticized by those who feel state and religion should be separate after they spoke out on social media about members of their community rejecting God. The Opp Police Department in Alabama is blaming Satan and the newer generation of adolescents who have turned away from God for the high number of homicides committed in their community.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) filed a complaint with the police department so it can be removed from Facebook. The group says it’s illegal for a government entity to endorse or criticize religious belief:

FFRF points out that it is highly illegal for a government entity, such as a police department, to endorse or deride religious belief. The Opp Police Department’s post does both, urging readers to “ask for God’s help” while blaming those who have “turned away from God” and “embraced Satan” for a rise in violent crime.


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