Young People Are Killing Themselves With This New “Viral Challenge” – Human Stupidity Is Endless


By anonews

“Challenges” that young people do and often result in great bodily injury seem to be exaggerated. You remember the Tide Pod challenge thing and all those “challenges” that led to people dying? Remember when people were setting themselves on fire with fuel as “challenges?”

Sure it happens sometimes, but the prevalence in how often people would do these things has got to be exaggerated.

Now, people are supposedly pouring boiling water into their ears and doing things of that nature. Mainstream media outlets like Time are reporting the existence of some “Hot Water challenge,” adding fuel to the fire for anybody foolish enough to try such a thing.

Even worse, this “challenge” creates victims that have nothing to do with the foolishness of the person doing it. As if people didn’t know boiling water causes third degree, terrible burns, it challenges people to run up on their loved ones and people they know when they are caught off guard, and dump boiling water on them. Do they fail to understand that is a serious form of assault, something you’d do to an enemy? According to IFL Science:

“It genuinely involves sneaking up to people you know (and presumably love, but hey) while they’re dreaming about something. Armed with a bucket of just-boiled water, you then throw it on them, and film the hilarity as their skin peels off and they get hospitalized. Another variant of this challenge sees participants drinking boiling water through a straw.”

Some people instead choose to embark upon the challenge by drinking boiling water through straws, probably ingesting both plastic and seriously, painfully burning their mouths.

A teenager was severely injured after boiling water was poured on him, and there have surprisingly been a lot of incidences where teens spend weeks being treated for horrific second or third degree burns as a result of this challenge.

An 8 year old girl passed away after being convinced to drink boiling liquid.

The Tide Pod challenge was known to cause some horrific conditions including the perforation of an esophagus, foaming stomachs, and even death.

Then, there’s something they refer to as the Kiki challenge which is about jumping straight out of a moving car and dance alongside it as the car moves to the tune of a Drake song. People have become injured from this.

Articles are finally admitting however, that viral trends are really sparked not by people doing the things, but by the “viral trends” being reported on. Mainstream news articles gawking about the horrible “viral trends” perpetuate them into existence.

What happens when people pay their attention to things that are negative or meaningless? Truly, the result is that negative or meaningless things end up being more prominent in our world. Of course, people don’t have to be stringent or ridiculously disciplined in what they think about, that type of rigidity is not necessary to create a better world, but putting some thought into what we think about and pay our energy to personally is an idea nobody should be able to disagree with.

(Image credit: onwardstatekeywordsuggestnewscult, IFL Science)


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