Cop and State Attorney Jailed After Fellow Cops Caught them Raping a Baby and Filming It


In a particularly horrific case that perfectly encapsulates how psychopaths gravitate toward being cops, a police officer was caught r*ping an infant. He has now been sentenced to a mere 16 years in prison.

The predator, 48 year old Dean Roberts was caught filming himself, on duty being a police officer, abusing a defenseless infant. He used a messaging app to distribute the film to other pedophiles.

He was caught because his own fellow cops caught a different pedophile, who also happened to be a government employee. That government employee was the recipient of the horrific footage of the cop doing that unspeakable act.

The former cop from the South Wales, UK police department was arrested, and it was revealed that he was conspiring with other pedophiles to abuse children in conjunction with each other to create and distribute more film.

The cop was arrested and admitted to sexual assault of a child, rape, and the possession and distribution of indecent images of children.

“I can never forget the knock on my door and my whole world just falling apart,” the mother of the victim stated in court. “It was just like being hit by a bus. We will always have to live with the consequences.”

Guess who Roberts’ associate, guilty of helping him commit such atrocious acts was? Someone named John Guess actually, a state employee. He was a state attorney employed as a legal adviser by the Welsh government.

Earlier this month, Guess received a sentence of 26 years in prison after being caught abusing another two young girls. The court states that Guess was caught photographing children as they change their clothes at swimming pools.

Detective Superintendent Wendy Gunney said upon the sentencing of Guess and Roberts: “Today’s sentences reflect the gravity of the crimes that have been committed. The two people responsible for the appalling abuse of a number of very young children have now been brought to justice.

The investigation uncovered extremely disturbing child abuse evidence and the guilty pleas have ensured that the jury were spared from viewing evidence that would have been extremely traumatic.

Today’s sentence does not mark the end of our investigations and we will work tirelessly to identify any other victims or witnesses and seek the justice they deserve.”

If you didn’t already know, psychopaths gravitate toward the profession of being a cop. If you require hard, statistical evidence to believe that which can be easily observed, in 2016 a study exposed how cops are only arrested somewhere around 1,100 times a year in the United States, which adds up to about three cops charged every day. Worse, many of these arrests against cops are for sex crimes.

“Police crimes are not uncommon,” Philip M. Stinson, the lead researcher who completed the study concluded. “Our data directly contradicts some of the prevailing assumptions and the proposition that only a small group of rotten apples perpetrate the vast majority of police crime.”

Somewhere around 60 percent of the crimes “occurred when the officer was technically off-duty,” Stinson said, “a significant portion of these so-called off-duty crimes also lies within the context of police work and the perpetrator’s role as a police officer, including instances where off-duty officers flash a badge, an official weapon, or otherwise use their power, authority, and the respect afforded to them as a means to commit crime.”

Just go over it one more time in your mind, to let it really sink in. These are the people that normal, average people have been brainwashed into trusting for defense, against a predator just like this.

It’s still after all these years a common argument presented by people who have never been faced with real danger: they think they should call the police for defense. For all you people out there who still don’t know, remember: the police are not capable of defending you, and sometimes they even act like criminals outside the bounds of the law.

(Image credit: the Sunwalesonlineflickr)


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