Coronavirus Pandemic Fears Rise as World Governments Change Tune, But Are They Justified?

Are the governments taking advantage of a good crisis and implementing restrictions like a Bio Patriot Act as COVID-19 spreads? It's a wait and see game.


(By Aral Bereux)

But what if we’re wrong?

It’s a strange way to start, but who else believes the COVID-19 timing was perfect to quell international unrest? The Hong Kong protests, the Yellow Vests in France, Iran’s he-said-she-said hissy fit, the climate movement in Australia and everything else? I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy, but wow. All the ducks lined up perfectly in a row. What a lucky coincidence.

As it stands at the time of publication, there have been 2,804 COVID-19 related deaths since January 20. Tragic as it may be, if all the world governments (and that’s a big if), and organizations and ‘trustworthy’ dictatorships like those of China and Iran are telling us the truth, then COVID-19, statistically speaking, is a mere tiny blimp in the proverbial radar.

Now I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow, with all the prepping and fear-mongering everyone’s been doing or receiving, but just think about this for a moment:

2,804 deaths . . . the majority of them in China . . . out of a Chinese population of 1.4 billion people.

Could it be there’s a disproportionate reaction occurring right now?

As I type this, it’s a strange realisation to discover that even I may have been had. As a speculative fiction writer, I pride myself in being one step ahead in societal situations like this one and maybe I’m having myself right now, but something doesn’t feel right with this picture. In fact, it feels terribly, horribly wrong.

And here’s what I mean:

In February 2019, influenza—the H1N1 strand—killed over 19,000 in the US, with 47% of those dying having received the flu vaccine, the CDC had announced.

The year prior, around “80,000 had died of the flu and its complications in the United States” alone, the article continued, giving it a reasonably high 3.3 percent fatality rate if these articles can be trusted.

And I emphasise the trust part, only stumbling over a brand spanking new shiny COVID-19 R0 factor today of 4.9, jumping from the internationally agreed upon 2.2ish that’s been bantered about for the last 5 weeks as though they’re losing our attention.

But compared to other viruses and diseases and epidemics, I’m not sure if COVID-19 makes the grade just yet. Not in the light that some media are reporting anyhow.

I guess I started smelling a rat when I read Australia’s pandemic plans today where stadiums would be put to good use, and mass compulsory vaccinations would occur.

I also started wondering about the underbelly of COVID-19 when remembering the Bill Gates’ EVENT 201 back in October 2019. Gates is conveniently pumping over $100 million via CEPI into R & D for the coronavirus vaccine made by the shadowy Big Pharma company Moderna, who is in cahoots with the University of Queensland in Australia and Inovio.

The thing that bothers me most is that the stories I write are coming true, and it’s not the virus that I’m worried about.

I’m worried about the erosion of freedoms that those in China are already suffering. I’m worried about the forced quarantine for those who are only suspected, like the misfortunate on the Diamond Princess. I’m also worried about the governments taking advantage of a good crisis and implementing restrictions like a Bio Patriot Act, a Social Credit Score, a cashless society to track those troublemakers who refused to get sick, or a compulsory mass vaccination programme using the untested and worrisome messenger RNA platform.

These issues are only meant for my books. This is the stuff of nightmares and Orwell and the Chinese version of 1984, The Fat Years (which I recommend)—not because of the COVID-19 virus and getting sick but the world governments joining together to take advantage of the dire situation in which we’re all now helplessly in.


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