Driver Are Using Freaky Reflective Face Decals To Discourage High Beam Users


Some drivers in parts of China are so fed up with tailgating high-beam users that they’ve resorted to using these freaky as shit rear window decals that are only visible when the high-beam is flicked on. The ghoulish decals feature images of ghosts, spirits and monsters from Eastern and Hollywood films.


According to reports based out of Jinan, police are ticketing folks who are using the creepy decals. (If you weren’t prepared to see a ghostly face staring right back at you, I could understand how these just might cause an accident.)

The makers of the decals swear you can’t see them at night and only when the high-beam headlights are used. I have no idea if this is true or not. Apparenlty they’re selling like hotcakes at rather inexpensive prices; between $3 – $18 here.

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