Fantastic News: Nestlé To Be Sued For Californian Drought Crimes!


By Sophie McAdam at


Their permit to extract water expired 27 YEARS AGO, but the corporation just kept on going. Finally, activists hope justice will be served…

Campaign group The Story Of Stuff Project have just announced they will be pursuing legal action against Nestlé for illegally extracting groundwater in California for its Arrowhead brand, which has been a key contributor to the State’s drought crisis.

Thanks to generous donations from a huge number of furious citizens, The Story Of Stuff Project was able to raise enough money to film a mini-documentary called ‘This land is our land’. It tells the story of Nestlé’s removal of millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest- and it details evidence of criminal activity by one of the world’s most unethical corporations.

The Story Of Stuff Project reports:

“While filming in southern California our team uncovered hard evidence that Nestlé has been operating outside the bounds of the law. When Nestlé’s permit to remove water expired 27 years ago, the U.S. Forest Service should have turned off the spigot. But instead, it has allowed Nestlé to continue operating unabated, in violation of the terms of its own permit.

“So to defend the public resources at stake we’ve joined with two great partners—Courage Campaign and the Center for Biological Diversity—to turn up the heat on Nestlé by filing a federal lawsuit challenging the company’s illegal occupation of these public lands.”

This is great news for campaigners and terrible news for Nestlé’s CEO, who is insane enough to believe that water is not a human right and should be privatized. Activists have already shut down a plant in California, and this is the next step in the fight against greed and corporate ecocide. Please share this (very moving) video to support the campaign, and if you are still buying bottled water, please stop!

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  1. I saw an interview w/the CEO of Nestle.
    He struck me as the ipitome of Greed. He is right up there w/ the Kochs.
    Their motto should be, “All for one , and FK you and everyone who ISN’T me.

  2. Is this satire? Trying to point any of the blame for California’s drought on nestle for extracting water for its bottled beverages is rediculous. Millions of gallons of water removed? Over what period of time? Regardless, I’m sure it’s a drop in the bucket. And what’s this about nestle ceo not believing that water is a human right? Is that a quote? I’d love to know where the writer got that info. Just sounds like psycho babble to me.

    • You’re an idiot Lyle; you can look up the water quotation all by yourself but I’ll give you some help: Sorry it was too tough for you to find; maybe try googling how to use google. And no, the millions of gallons they have taken illegally from California during one of the worst droughts in their history, and I lived through the last one, so I can tell you that people are being forced to ration water while Nestle has been doing this. There is plenty more out there to learn about all of this but rather than do all the work for you I’ll suggest again doing some googling and cut the snide remarks.

      • Actually you’re an idiot. There is 63 trillion gallons short in lakes in California. So millions? Seems like a typical misplaced California witch hunt towards the evil corporations. As they sit on their manicured lawns trying to figure out what’s wrong… There is 1.6 billion consumed by the population so where are the rest of the trillions of gallons going?

        • The other 60 trillion gallons of water has probably been sucked up by private industry…mass-scale monocropping and mechanized agriculture–small-scale farming is the only viable option, we NEED to take back supply of our food. On top of that is the meat industry with its factory farms and cesspools…tons of subsidized water wasted this way. The oil industry is another culprit, massive amounts of subsidized (free) fresh water is wasted for fuel production as well. These industries are the three primary culprits of our water usage, and it is compounded by California’s run-off problem…much of the rainfall doesn’t get into the water table because of habitat destruction leading to erosion, mass-scale agriculture, and all the damn pavement…we just redirect water straight to the ocean. Anything left after our marks of “progress” is polluted with chemicals, toxins, and fossil fuel disasters.

    • The forest service gave the initial permit but they are extracting the water on tribal lands with permission from those tribes. They’re suing the wrong group.

    • Sure that’s it, just say, ‘hey, that wasn’t very nice of you or very legal, but since you hire some people we’re just going to suggest you don’t do that again, you big meanies.’ That should tell all the firms contemplating breaking laws that we won’t put up with it. Great thought there!

  3. Because I hike and backpack in this range I’ve been following this fiasco. To the best of my knowledge the San Bernardino National Forest has done NOTHING to take action.

    I’ve written them numerous times and it’s clear they were just hoping it blew over.

    Were they complicit? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Nestle also bribes Doctors and midwives in Indonesia to convince women to feed their baybie powdered milk instead of maternal milk. This is really genocide because these poverty sticken families cant afford all the powdered milk necessary and their children are undernourished, ill and some perish.
    Coca cola has used most of the water up in San Cristobal de las casas in Mexico constraing pverty striken mexicans to drink cocacola instead of water which is more expensive.
    These multinationals only know the bottom dollar and human life is of no value to them.

  5. And I thought Nestle’s only claim to shame so far had been putting too much lead and salt into its noodles brands in India (it’s still banned there).

  6. This is some of the best news have read for quite some time now. I felt very angry at that statement by the CEO of Nestlé, when he said that we as humans were not entitled to have water as a natural resource and it should be owned by greedy people like him and Nestlé.

    I sincerely hope that there will be more cases taken against that 1% of greedy individuals and that TTIP is one very dangerous organisation and Ned’s to be controlled by opening up all it’s dirty secrets and to report all persons involved in it.


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