Flat-Earthers are Planning a Trip to the ‘End of the Earth’ to Prove It Isn’t Round

Flat-Earthers believe the earth is not round and plan on proving it very soon with a trip to the edge of the planet.


Desmond Walsh is a self-proclaimed “Flat-Earther” and is calling on his followers to join him in finally proving once and for all the earth is actually flat.


Despite the fact there have been nearly 100 years of pioneers, aviators, navigators, and explorers who’ve already circumnavigated the world in planes, sailboats, ships, and hot air balloons, people still believe the earth is flat.

Reportedly, just as in the era of Columbus, there are now thousands of people who believe this newly revived theory despite the many proofs to the contrary. Nevertheless, since a sucker is born every minute, it’s not hard to find followers willing to abandon logic, science, and history to push an agenda.

Walsh, in his latest announcement, claims he and his team of scientists (none of whom have a name or any credibility) will be traveling to the edge of the world to prove it’s flat. Here he is making his announcement.

To catch our readers up to speed with Flat Earth theories, one needs to know flat-Earthers believe the earth is situated on a disk with the North Pole being in the center of the disk and an arctic ice wall in Antarctica constituting the outermost barrier keeping the ocean water and the continents from sliding off the disk. Here’s a look by ABC at a Flat Earth Convention in Cary, NC.

The doubting Thomases simply do not believe Earth is round, despite NASA astronauts testifying to the contrary, who’ve had the privilege of a celestial birds eye view. Flat-Earthers believe the government is hiding the truth about the earth being flat. According to the theories, the images from space are doctored ones, and the earth is nothing more than a flat-shaped space ship of sorts.

Talk-show host and modern-day philosopher Joe Rogan interviewed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to discuss the phenomena of round-earth doubters recently. Tyson says the issue is a matter of fact. No matter the facts presented, Tyson says it’s about, “knowing enough to think you’re right, but not enough to know you’re wrong.”

Tyson refuses to debate flat-Earthers preferring to ask them to provide their “best” piece of evidence for their argument, as well as admitting, “what would it take to show that you’re wrong?” Despite overwhelming evidence to support a round earth, the astrophysicist says flat-Earthers are usually unshaken, albeit mistaken.

At any rate, if you want to travel with Des Walsh, in an unknown direction, to parts unknown to discover whether or not the earth is flat or round, feel free. However, at this time, and despite our best efforts, we have no specifics yet as to who precisely Des Walsh is, what his background is, or how he plans to get to the end of the earth, flat or otherwise.

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  1. One minor mistake in this article, in columbuses time it was well known the earth was round (other than the church) columbus himself believed it was pear shapped, the fact the earth is round (and it’s aprox size) has been known since the time of the ancient greeks, about 2500 years where it was measured by recording the lengths of shadows at 2 points miles apart at the same time of day


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