Infamous WhatsApp Gold Virus Is Back And Spreading Like Wildfire


WhatsApp users are being warned to stay vigilant as scammers are targeting the messaging service with a virus which is spreading like wildfire.


A hoax known as ‘WhatsApp Gold’ first circulated in 2016 and it is now back with vengeance targeting users of the app.

Scammers are sending messages to users claiming to be someone else which contain a link to what they say is an update that gives you a special hidden version of the app with extra features including the ability to delete messages hours after sending them, hold video chats and send 100 photos at once.

If you click on the link which claims will download the update for you, instead you are directed to a website riddled with malware.

Scammers can then use this malware to break into your phone stealing your messages, photos and other private data.

According to security website Sophos, another version of the scam is also circulating which sees users receiving messages warning about a video called ‘martinelli’.

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