Inventor Creates Real, Flying Drone Car After Getting Fed Up With Traffic


Six years ago, the inventor Kyxz Mendoza of Quezon City in the Philippines started to work on this incredible rendering of the famed, imaginative hovercar. One of the benefits that this technology may provide of course the ability to clear traffic jams.


Earlier this month, it was reported that the inventor completed his first successful test flight of the hovercar, managing to launch the vehicle 25 feet above the ground. It was captured on film.

As you might notice, the balance of the still heavy vehicle in the air is a little shaky, but Kyxz manages to pilot the vehicle up with a decent amount of coordination with the bold use of himself as a test subject, calling it the “Ultralight Aircraft.”

(Image credit: Kyxz Mendiola)

It doesn’t quite seem like this vehicle is ready to be used practically yet, but the ambitious inventor has set his sights on mass production of the vehicle in due time, constructing it with two seats to try and get it out to market presumably as soon as possible.

The model currently being used is essentially a large drone, composed of a carbon fiber outer shell on a metal frame. It’s reportedly sturdy, but currently can only fly for about 12 to 15 minutes due to being battery powered on a charge that takes 2.5 hours to build up.

Kyxz Mendoza said:

“We’ve been having bad weather so it took us a while after our deadline before we can finally show it to our followers. But after two months of tuning, here it is. I hope everyone will give this vehicle a positive reaction. This was only a dream for us five years ago.”

The man already successfully invented a commercially-viable hoverboard. According to one article“It was the hoverboard we’d all been waiting for – one that could actually lift its user off of the ground (without any wheels in sight).”

Flying drone car

Inventor creates his own flying drone car!

Posted by Newsflare on Monday, September 10, 2018

On his social media page, he has been actively promoting his work and it’s kind of reminiscent of Elon Musk.

Last year, Kyxz accomplished his first successful outdoor flight. The design of the hoverboard and then the hovercar evolved, and now a “flying drone car” is just on the horizon.

(Image credit: Kyxz Mendiola)

Kyxz continued“It’s a flying car type of vehicle that uses drone technology or multi-copter technology to fly. It’s like a drone car. I wanted it to be a sports car, a flying Lamborghini, maybe. The design was a trial and error process. Some materials burned up on use. Other materials didn’t quite work.

One of the main features is the battery redundancy system so even if one battery runs out, the aircraft can still maintain its flight.”

Now, they need bidders and investors to help fully bring this thing to fruition. Koncepto Millenya, a group of entrepreneurs led by Kyxz, are seeking the investors and bidders to truly bring the “Ultralight Aircraft” into full commercial distribution.

Technological advancement, at least in comparison to the trajectory of technology people may have imagined years ago, seems to have stagnated a bit. Maybe it’s a good thing that technological advancement is stagnating or slowing down at the moment (although in most ways it’s still uncontrollably accelerating). Perhaps we should just sit back and be satisfied with what we have right now. Money is a force that drives innovation unfortunately in the worst way.

Now, technology being developed can go very far but the boundaries of practicality hold things in place and prevent them from becoming prevalent, in addition to what may be industry or government suppression of technology.

This technology seems positive though. Do you think hovercars would be generally a positive or negative addition to this world?

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