Investigation Reveals China Thrives After Pandemic While Other Nations Suffer


By 2025, populations around the world were forecast to decrease by a staggering 8 million people or more, according to Deagel publications. In 2016 and then July 2019, also reported that a loss of 10 percent of the world’s population would be killed off due to a cataclysmic disaster. The numbers were estimated in a scientifically based special report known as Global Catastrophic Risks.

The report, compiled by Oxford University’s Global Challenges Foundation and the Global Priorities Project, rated the highest dangers faced by the human population in coming years, including a global pandemic, climate change and natural disasters. The team compiled the report, beseeching world governments to prepare.

Pictured, a column of military trucks loaded with coffins leaves Bergamo, Italy, March 19

“There are some things that are on the horizon, things that probably won’t happen in any one year but could happen, which could completely reshape our world and do so in a really devastating and disastrous way.

“History teaches us that many of these things are more likely than we intuitively think.

“Many of these risks are changing and growing as technologies change and grow and reshape our world. But there are also things we can do about the risks,” stated Sebastian Farquhar, director at the Global Priorities Project to Associated Press at the time.

Currently, the human population faces multiple high-risk situations, including climate change, the evolving coronavirus pandemic that has seen a virus spread from China at alarming rates across the world, and economic collapse as a result of the CCP’s initial concealment of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Current world figures anticipate millions in population growth lost and a sharp decline in Gross Domestic Product. The world population that currently sits at around 7.4 billion is set to drop to 6.9 billion in just 5 short years in 2025.

Ironically, the nation where the origins of the virus first appeared, China, is set to remain the same in population growth, while nations like Italy, Australia, and the US will see significant drops and potential economic devastation. India and Russia will also fare reasonable stability.

Figures for China.

Italy’s current population will drop from 62 million to 44 million by 2025; Australia’s populations comparatively will decline from 23 million to 15 million, and the United States will decrease from a staggering 327 million citizens to only 100 million.

As for military budgets, Russia’s will grow from $79 billion to $186 billion, while the United States will struggle, most likely from future inflation, as the budget drops from $637 billion to $32 billion. The United Kingdom is also forecasted to see similar outcomes, with a drop in population reaching 7 million people, and a military budget drop from $56 billion to only $1.4 billion.

Figures for the United States of America.

Nations across the globe are currently engaging in unprecedented spending in a coordinated attempt to stem a global recession, if not, depression. This is what the public are told. Mass lockdowns are underway in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and soon to be Australia as coronavirus cases reportedly rise.

Figures for Australia.

The report called for various governments and the international community to prepare, plan and coordinate responses rather than pursue political policies and agendas to further worsen the situation.

Proactivity rather than reactivity was called upon. The point of commitment required to circumvent calamity, however, might already have passed.


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