Liam Neeson Joins The Fight For Pope To Confront The Reality About 800 Babies Dumped By Nuns

Irish minister says that the Church will make reparation for its part in this shameful chapter.


Remains of babies and adolescents were found in a mass grave discovered at a Catholic institution in Ireland; experts suggest that more than 700 were killed there.


Excavation took place at County Galway, Tuam at a site that was formally owned by Bon Secours Mother & Baby Home. Authorities found a large underground structure that has 20 sections had a massive number of bodies.

Image Source: Google Image – Front of the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home.

The team working on this case stated that after examining the bones of a selected few, they established that the deceased were aged between 30 weeks to 3 years. This also led them to discover that most of these crimes took place in the 1950’s when the organization almost had one home in every county in Ireland.

The Bon Secours Mother & Baby Home closed in 1961.

Image Source: NZHerald – Maggie O’Connor was raped at 18 and had a child in 1942 which was taken by the Sisters of Bon Secours. The baby is one of those who died at Tuam.

As the name suggests, Bon Secours Sisters (BSS) ran the home. BSS is a Catholic religious order of the nuns. The homes welcomed pregnant women, who conceived their babies out of wedlock.

Once their babies were born, they were separated from their mothers and were raised in a separate property until they could be adopted.

A Call to the Pope

Earlier this week the Pope conducted a mass, gathering more than 400,000 worshipers in Phoenix Park in Dublin.

Many protestors along with Katherine Zappone, who is a Teachta Dála and a Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, reminded the Pope of the atrocities his church had committed.

Image Source: NZHerald – Pope Francis greets the public as he travels through Dublin. There are calls for the Catholic Church to forensically exhume the grounds of the home in Tuam.

“I hope the Church will make reparation for its part in this shameful chapter,” writes Minster Zappone in a letter to the Pope.

She adds, “We cannot change what happened to them. For the little ones whose remains are in a sewage system, we owe them dignity in death. For their mothers, siblings and families we need to give them some peace.

Image Source: NZHerald – Baby shoes hang from the railings on Sean McDermott St in Dublin in memory of the children who died at the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam.

It is my strong conviction that given the role of the Church in this shameful chapter of recent Irish history it must play a practical role in addressing the hurt and damage.  I believe that the church should contribute substantially to the cost of whatever option is decided by the government.  This should be done willingly, unconditionally and quickly.  Nothing less will demonstrate remorse.”

An Act of Responsibility

According to many reports, the star of Schindler’s List Liam Neeson is chasing the project for the Tuam babies.

Image Source: Google Image – President Higgins presents Liam Neeson with Distinguished Service Award.

Neeson says that the victims should be exhumed and identified, reports the Irish Central.

Many gathered at the site where once the home was located and held up the names of the children 796 children who were killed there. This act of bravery inspired the actor to take on a movie project for the crimes committed by the ones who we look upon for prayers and guidance.

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