Man Saves Home Using Aqua Dam After Everyone Called Him Crazy




In 2016 and 2017 alike, devastating floods hit the state of Texas. Texas is a massive state, so to say that two floods happened year after year in different places isn’t that unlikely of a chance, but nevertheless, in 2016 one man taught everyone how to save a home.

Preparing for what would be torrential rains, a man named Randy Wagner of Rosharon, Texas decided to take a road trip and purchase what is called an Aqua dam, a system of tubes filled with water that essentially serve as a giant sandbag, like creating a moat around a castle.

It’s a 400 foot long tube (not 400 feet tall), that he snaked around his home, that he sought to protect from the inevitable flooding. It was a smashing success, protecting his beloved home from the intense 27 inch tall flood water.

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It started when the local Brazos River Authority issued a serious flood warning, and the man knew what he had to do. The thought of being relocated to some other place with his family once they had already settled into that home to him was “heartbreaking.”

So, Wagner did what any intelligent man looking out for his family might do nowadays: he used the Internet to research and think hard about a solution to his family’s problems.

(Image credit: Daily Mail)

Aqua dams are where his Internet search led him to, and that led him to a road trip east of Texas over to Louisiana, to purchase a 400 foot long, 30 inch tall aqua dam.

With a little bit of help from two other people, the man filled up two watertight tubes that were stuck together inside an elegantly woven polypropylene tube, a material that tightly conforms to the ground, creating a powerful seal to prevent leaks: fighting water with water.

Inside the tubes, the heavy water managed to keep the barrier sealed and firmly in place, keeping the flood water away from the home and even the nice yard that surrounded it.

Brazoria County residents in the area faced mandatory evacuations, but Wagner and his family didn’t fear a thing.

(Image credit: Daily Mail)

“I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda going by, laughing at me. But today they are really impressed with this Aqua Dam,” Wagner said to local news outlet KENS5.

The system he purchased was only $8,300, a small price to pay compared to what may have been around $150,000 in damages to his home, if it could even be repaired.

(Image credit: Daily Mail)

Now, the residents of North and South Carolina really need something like an aqua dam to be protected from the wrath of Hurricane Florence. One very brief, local news article out of Charleston, South Carolina was published almost exactly a year ago.

It reported that a family in that region of South Carolina purchased an aqua dam. Now we can only wonder if that family put it to use in the recent disaster, one year after local media reported on their purchase. According to Count on 2, a local news article:

“Flooding is one of the major concerns here in the Tri-county as Hurricane Irma churns up the coast of Florida. When the potential for flooding does arise in the Lowcountry, neighborhoods who have dealt with the problem before go into high alert.

Neighbors in the Park Hill area deal with flooding often. Amanda Smith says New Ryder Road flooded 5 times in 2015. She says had two feet of water in her home. photo The new mother and her husband were displaced for months. This hurricane season, she is doing everything she can to protect her home.

Her family invested in an ‘AquaDam’, a circular protective barrier that is filled with water.”

If people pray, pray for the people of the Carolinas to make it through this disaster. If not just hope for them.

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