Mother Fights Off Child Snatcher Who Tries To Abduct Her Daughter in Broad Daylight


Self defense is something that is instinctual and second nature to human beings in general. Remember, never come between a mother and her child, or you’ll find out the hard way just how real and overpowering toward evil natural instincts can be.


In Taiwan, a man made a feeble and reprehensible attempt at abducting a young girl from her mother, and it was captured on footage.

The mother held onto her daughter tightly in defense and made sure she remained safe. However, with much respect she should have taken a much more aggressive approach, in the opinion of a lot of people at least. What would you do if somebody tried to steal your flesh and blood daughter right in front of your eyes? Would you be able to even contain the unfathomable, righteous and true rage that should be flowing through your veins at that moment?

Less focused on self defense, a mainstream article about this described the situation:

“A man in Taiwan had to find out the hard way after he failed in his attempt to snatch a little girl who was walking with her mother. Luckily the protective mother reacted quickly and held tightly on to her daughter before others could intervene.

This was the moment a man, who has been identified only as Chou, suddenly lunged at the young girl who was walking with her mum. He tries to snatch her away by grabbing her rucksack.”

I wonder why that man has only been identified as “Chou.” He should be no longer identifiable at all, if you understand what I mean.

CCTV footage of the incident was retrieved, as it was captured on camera in the Neihu district of the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Wu, the mother, was shown just walking home on a seemingly ordinary day with her seven year old daughter who she had just picked up from school. Then, a predator struck.

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Chou, the 33 year old predator trying to commit an unfathomable, possibly even homicidal act tried to play it off as if he mistook the girl for someone else. That’s the biggest load of bullsh** one could conceive of, and that type of attitude and attempt at covering up criminality is exactly, finely characteristic of a pedophile or psychopath. What, he mistakenly identified her as a different girl he wanted to snatch up and kidnap on the street?

In the footage, he can be seen standing outside of a restaurant. Then, it looks like he spots the mother and daughter. Then he reached out his arm to grab onto the girl’s schoolbag.

There’s no audio in the footage, but you can see the girl and her mother both scream, as local reports confirm. The mother made a desperate attempt to pull her daughter out of the possible abduction, but he refuses to let go of her bag. Too bad she was completely disarmed and didn’t have a damn thing on her for self defense, as is the case with the civilians in many countries. The gun laws in Taiwan might not be as stringent as some other countries, it’s a little difficult to research.

Next, restaurant staff and passers-by help the woman and her daughter, and Chou just walks away. Why was he allowed to get away though? Eventually he was brought up on some charges, but the consequences still weren’t very severe in comparison to what he may have done to that little girl.

All that happened to the man, probably a pedophile, was he got fired from his job after being held on forcible compulsion charges. He was a licensed lifeguard and instructor at a swimming pool: yeah, that’s not a pedophile job at all.

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