NASA Releases Picture Of ‘Flying Saucer From Outer Space That Crash-Landed On Earth’


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NASA has uploaded a snap showing a ‘flying saucer’ that has crash-landed in the Utah desert.

Before you ask, no there were no space aliens involved in this entire fiasco. Well, that’s what they want us to think…

According to the Metro, the object is the remains of a spaceship which studied the sun before falling back down to Earth back in 2001.

NASA wrote: “A flying saucer from outer space crash-landed in the Utah desert after being tracked by radar and chased by helicopters.

“The year was 2004, and no space aliens were involved. The saucer, pictured here, was the Genesis sample return capsule, part of a human-made robot Genesis spaceship launched in 2001 by NASA itself to study the Sun.

“The unexpectedly hard landing at over 300 kilometres per hour occurred because the parachutes did not open as planned.”

Credit: NASA

The Genesis mission collected a sample of solar wind particles and returned them to Earth for analysis.

NASA added: “Despite the crash landing, many return samples remained in good enough condition to analyze.

“So far, Genesis-related discoveries include new details about the composition of the Sun and how the abundance of some types of elements differ across the Solar System.

“These results have provided intriguing clues into details of how the Sun and planets formed billions of years ago.”

So, bad news all round today for alien believers.


However, back in June ex-NASA scientist Kevin Knuth claimed that aliens do in fact existbut the pesky government is covering it all up.

Now, working at the University of Albany as a professor of physics, he says there’s already plenty of evidence to back up his belief that aliens exist.

Writing for The Conversation, Knuth, who worked as a research scientist at NASA, says that people need to face the possibility that the UFO sightings we currently read about could well be from extra-terrestrial visitors.

He wrote: “I believe we need to face the possibility that some of the strange flying objects that outperform the best aircraft in our inventory and defy explanation may indeed be visitors from afar – and there’s plenty of evidence to support UFO sightings.”

He reckons humanity needs to carry out more research so we can figure out how this could best benefit us.

Featured Image Credit: NASA

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