Researchers Teach AI Robots To Reproduce – It’s The Begining of The End


(NewsInstact) Apparently, more and more scientists are starting teaching robots how to evolve and reproduce among themselves.


This practice is known as “high-tech Darwinism”. Researchers are trying to teach robots how to analyze their own source code and be able to interact and reproduce with other robots, combining their source code into a better one.

However, there are many skeptics who fear the dangers that this practice would unleash, arguing that if things will keep going on like this we should prepare for an AI apocalypse in the near future.

Nevertheless, according to scientists, we have nothing to worry about.

In the near future, we will have smart AI capable of reproducing themselves. This means that robots will be able to create other robots like them. Of course, we have nothing to worry about.

Have a look at the following of video for more information. Feel free to share your thought and impressions with us.

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