Retired Head of the FBI tells all about “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings”


In a recent interview, Ted Gunderson, the Former Chief of the Los Angeles FBI, Ted Gunderson, disclosed some pretty disturbing facts about the US government.


According to him, Satanism, the Illuminati and pedophilia rings thrive within the Government.

Ted Gunderson, a now retired Chief of the Los Angeles FBI, exposed some disturbing facts the US government. Although he has risked his life by disclosing the truth, Gunderson speaks of how widespread and entrenched Satanism, the Illuminati and pedophilia are inside the Government.

Once he retired from the FBI, Gunderson has started giving presentations all over the country in order to raise awareness of the satanic ritual abuse, false flag terrorism, and MK ultra-Mind control. For more details, watch his presentation in the video below.

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  1. The children are ready to start school again and they will be brainwashed in the religion of Humanism IN EVERY SCHOOL IN THE USA on all levels. Please download Humanist Manifesto 1& 2. when they teach the children Evolution they are teaching them the foundation of this devils religion. Psalms 11:3 in the Holy B ible says what are the righteous to do if the foundations are destroyed. In January of 1980 before he left office President Carter left office he appointed Shirley Hufsteler in charge of a new Department of Education and she was a Trustee at the Aspen Institute For Humanistic Studies. Henry Kissinger and Madam Albright both who have been Secretary of State , one a republican and a democrat have both been Directors at the Aspen Institute. The Humanist Manifesto 1 calls for sharing the wealth and a Socialized One world order. Humanism is a religion because in their first verse it is written that , “Religious Humanist do not believe the earth was created but was a result of a continuous process. How do we know it is a religion, they just said so. So the abortion ISSUE is that they call for a abortion is a religion. THE HUMANIST Manifesto 2 also calls for us to do away with Our National Sovereignty and have open borders. 45 years I have been fighting them- Need someone to speak, I am a dedicated American Patriot , [email protected] – 254-647-3377- Ranger, Texas. GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN


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