The Real Reason 15 Seal Team Six Members Were Killed In A Single Incident


Could the single deadliest incident in the Afghan war, one that just so happened to lead to the deaths of 15 members of the elite Seal Team Six’s Gold Squadron, closely aligned with Red Squadron, the one that took down Bin Laden, have been prevented?


Conspiracy fact is stranger than fake news sometimes… and it is sad how when the truth is brought to light, it is smothered by layer after layer of untruth until it fades from existence- forgotten by the lucky few, and unheard of by the vast majority.

It is on that note that we revisit a conspiracy file from last year, the case of a retired airforce Captain, Joni Marquez- a decorated Air Force officer, and witness to the downing of the Chinook Extortion 17 carrying 38 US soldiers.


“I had the sensor operators immediately shift to the eight insurgents the helicopters had taken out,” Marquez said to Circa, in her first interview about the incident. “Two were still alive.” 

“We had seen two of them (insurgents) moving, crawling away from the area, as to not really make a whole lot of scene,” she recalled.  “You have two enemy forces that are still alive, permission to engage,” she radioed the ground force commander. Permission denied. 

“They continued to essentially gain more and more force behind them because they just kept knocking on doors,” she said. “And the two personnel that initially fled ended up becoming a group of 12 people.

“Whenever we reached out to the Joint Operations Center, they would essentially just push back with, ‘Find a, a good infill location. Find a good helicopter landing zone,’” said Marquez.

Most mainstream news would have you believe that the sole cause of their deaths were those pesky rules of engagement, preventing Marquez from firing upon the final two fleeing warfighters or the twelve that returned to the fight.

However, it should be noted that the interpretation of these rules was flexible- and in this case, interpreted in the strictest way possible by the ground commander… Regarding two clearly armed individuals seen crawling away from a firefight that they had clearly been a part of, and then returning with twelve more heavily armed individuals- one does not have to be a genius to conclude that something was amiss.

Further, her many pleas for Extortion 17 to be sent elsewhere were ignored- she could see the twelve men returning fully armed, and she was neither allowed to fire upon them nor was the Chinook recalled. The official Pentagon memo goes as far as to claim that the two fighters “disappeared into a grove of trees and were never located”.

At the very least, this was a cover-up of the complete negligence and incompetence of the commanding officers in charge.

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