This Woman Got An Unwanted D*** Pic. What She Did With It Will Blow Your Mind


A girl joins Let’s Date, a dating app that relies on a user’s Facebook profile to determine his or her perfect match, to find a soul mate. What she instead finds is a cocky guy interested in pornography.


One fine afternoon, while she was logged on, a user by the name of Trevor sent her a naked selfie and asked her how her day was going. The furious girl immediately spurned his advances and told him that his actions were disrespectful. However, the molester’s cockiness continued to grow. At one point, she decided to put an end to the non-sense.

The girl managed to find Trevor’s Facebook profile, and from there found Trevor’s mother’s profile. She then proceeded to threaten him with her intentions to send their conversation to his mother. Before he could react, the damage was done – she had sent the screenshots of the cocky conversation, including the dick pic, to his mother.

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