TikTok Influencer Slammed For Toilet Seat Licking “Coronavirus Challenge”


    While the coronavirus pandemic brings out the best in people, a TikTok celebrity has been slammed for her best impersonation of pure stupidity.

    De-evolution was at its best when Ava Louise, a 22-year-old influencer, from Miami, filmed herself licking a toilet seat on TikTok. Chasing the elusive viral post, Ava Louise has been condemned for her “coronavirus challenge.”

    In the short clip, Ava Louise films herself crouching by an airplane toilet before licking its seat. The clip was initially shared on TikTok before being posted on Twitter.

    Most views followed with strong reaction and criticism. Reaching around 296,000 views before being taken down from TikTok, many considered her behaviour dangerous and brain-dead.

    Coronavirus Challenge

    ‘Stupidity at its best,’ wrote one viewer.

    ‘This is SO messed up,’ said another.

    ‘Her parents must be so proud,’ another person wrote.

    In a tweet posted after the controversial clip, Ava Louise attempted to claim the video was a social experiment. In what, she didn’t clarify, but the comments come from a person who appeared on Dr Phil admitting she’d prefer to die young than ugly.

    Coronavirus Challenge

    At time of publication, Italy now rates the highest global death toll. China’s figures have dropped, but uncertainty remains if they will peak again once isolation restrictions are lifted from its citizens.

    Coronavirus Challenge

    The coronavirus is also taking its toll on economies, with multi-billion dollar stimulus packages now underway in the US and Australia, among others. Trump has declared a national emergency, as have many other nations.

    In Australia and New Zealand, global travel bans have been activated, with no exceptions made unless you’re a permanent resident or citizen. Other nations are expected to follow suit.


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