True, Real Life Heroes Caught on Camera


Recently, a video started circulating that was supposed to emphasize “good news,” proving that the best of humanity really is good and it isn’t often talked about in the media. One article notes:


“It seems like everyday we can find a reason to be irritated or stressed. Finding the silver lining in today’s modern world can often be a challenge. People can be very rude and mean, but that’s not a reason to lose your faith in humanity! We are usually surrounded by bad news on radio and television. They never want to tell you anything positive. You will never wake up in the morning and hear: ‘Good morning, America! Today’s top story is an 85 year old woman who donates blood on a monthly basis! She has saved thousands of people with her donations.’”

The video (below) begins with a person on train tracks, looking like they are trying to taking their own standing there, until someone comes up and tackles them away from the danger before the train hits them. I wonder where the conductor on that train was, and who in the hell was capturing that footage?

(Image credit: Curiosidades 10)

Then, a man comes up behind another man with a knife to a woman’s throat, and does something to his arm to disable him.

(Image credit: Curiosidades 10)

The video features lots of rapidly playing clips, with the next one featuring a bizarre scene with a woman deciding at the last minute as a train arrives, to jump in front of the train that wasn’t even really moving fast enough to take her life (without it being extremely slow and agonizing).

So, a man dragged the suicidal woman up from the train platform and saved her life.

(Image credit: Curiosidades 10)

This is the video, a compilation of people being heroes.

Heróis da vida real

Dizem que o ser humano não se preocupa com o próximo. Que deixa de ajudar para filmar o outro morrer. Alguns são assim. Todos não.

Posted by Curiosidades 10 on Sunday, May 20, 2018

The next clip shows a man rushing to a car that is being submerged by water, struggling to open the doors and free the people in the car from possibly drowning. He pulls a woman straight out of the submerged car like a mad man, saving her life. He even saved her little white puppy.

Preventing people from taking their own lives really is a remarkable thing. Did you know a phenomenon exists where people instantly regret the action, they moment they attempt it?

One article documents the story of a man who jumped off the the famous Golden Gate bridge in 2000, and lived to tell the tale. According to the New York Post:

On Sept. 25, 2000, Kevin Hines, then 19, jumped off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Amazingly, he lived, and fully recovered from injuries to his legs and spine. Now Hines, who when he leapt had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, tells his story to at-risk groups around the nation, urging people to get treatment for mental illness and helping them realize that suicide is not the answer. His new memoir, “Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt” (Rowman & Littlefield), out July 16, explains the moment he realized he didn’t want to die.

He explained that the exact moment he  jumped off the bridge, he was instantly overwhelmed with regret. The very instant he jumped.

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