Woman Punches Police Horse Before Officer Grabs Her Hair And Throws Her To The Ground


Stepping outside of issues like right and wrong for a second, it’s a pretty ballsy move, isn’t it, hitting a horse? I wouldn’t want to get kicked by one, that’s for sure. But however bold a feat it is, it’s also a move that’s likely to leave people somewhat unimpressed.


But one New Year’s Eve reveller risked it all when she punched a police horse – something she probably instantly regretted when she found herself being dragged by her hair and wrestled to the floor.

After the woman hit the horse, the officer riding it grabbed her. Credit: 7 News

According to the MailOnline, the confrontation unfolded near a pizza parlour in Adelaide as diners watched on.

South Australian Police have investigated and confirmed that the intended target of the initial blow was the officer on foot stood just next to the horse. It’s also believed that the woman has not been charged.

The footage shows the woman in green lash out at the officer, only to strike the horse, before a second officer, riding the horse, leans forward and grabs a fistful of her hair.

The woman is then thrown backwards to the floor while other officers arrive at the scene.

She is then picked up and moved away from the path of others celebrating the New Year.

The woman was thrown to the floor after punching the horse. Credit: 7 News

As they move her away, the two officers end up tackling the woman to the ground, pulling her arms behind her back to restrain her.

The video was posted on to Facebook which has resulted in mixed opinions. Some people are happy with the way she was treated, believing that someone who hits a police horse should be dealt with as if they hit a police officer.

Others have commented that the force was taken too far.

One said: “If the policewoman on the horse didn’t pulled her hair and drag her away she would have agitated the horse and it would have kicked her in the chest and flung her 10 metres away.”

It’s believed the woman hasn’t been charged after hitting the police horse. Credit: 7 News

Another added: “Ok, I have no problems with police dealing with bad behaviour but this seems rather excessive… way too much…”

And a third commented: “I hope the officer did it so she didn’t get hurt by the horse, perhaps she could have apprehended her in a better way i’m not sure, but sure they know. I assume horses are trained well for those situations too.”

The Mirror reported that there were a total of 114 arrests made in the Australian state on New Year’s Eve, including 35 in Sydney.

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