Why Intelligent People Fail To Be Happy


People with a high IQ may have more success in typical terms in life: better jobs, education, and a social circle. Yet, it is a fact that it is harder to intelligent people to experience happiness. Why does this happen?


First, intelligent people have a cruel tendency to overanalyze every aspect of their lives.

They can rarely accept a situation just as it is, and think of it in positive terms, but they will analyze every aspect of it to the last bit, and find something distressing. Overthinking is a huge burden -the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” is there for a reason.

Second, their standards are too high.

Intelligent people know what they want, what they could achieve, and hardly ever do they settle for less.

Third, they are their own harsh judge.

They are too hard on themselves; they overanalyze their behavior, and they are never happy with what they achieve.

Fourth, reality is often way too boring.

They can understand the deeper structures, meanings of life, and they cannot rest until they seek them. The small things in life are never enough; they want more, but they cannot always get it.

Fifth, they seek understanding and communication they may not always get.

One of the most comforting feelings in life is to be understood. When your mind works at extreme speeds and deep complexity, you often get the feeling that not many people understand you, or can follow you. The result of this is tougher processes of socialization, and thus, extreme feelings of loneliness.

Sixth, a lot of people with higher intelligence suffer from psychological problems. Social anxiety, bipolar syndrome are often cases found in people with higher IQ. The most often phenomenon is that of existential depression, a direct result of overthinking…


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